4:48 Psychosis

Sarah Kane, Directors: Buba Basishvili, Goga Kachibaia
In 1 Act

When the civil norms are unsatisfying, when you are alone and own self-duality obtrudes the rules that you have refused, you start a struggle for survival… Yes or no?!  Life in the civil format or death as freedom?! Yes or no…Yes or no… Yes or no..?!

Translation: Lisa Basishvili
Photo: Pikria Goginashvili
Directing, Design and Music Arrangement by: Buba Basishvili and Goga Kachiabaia
Technical Director: Maradia Tsaava

T H E  C A S T:
Eka Abshilava
Nino Lezhava
Masho Melkadze

The first performance – 22 November 2012
Duration – 1 hour without intermission
The performance is financed by Tbilisi City Hall. 

The Special Thanks to the British Council Georgia, Marjanishvili Theatre and Union “Pilots”.
Performance rights are issued by Casarotto Ramsay & Associates Ltd.