Birdie Died in Glen

Otar Chiladze, Director: David Andguladze


A Performance by Students of Shota Rusataveli State University of Theatre and Film
Drama in 2 Acts without Intermission

This is a story of Andro. Andro is a politician. He has been lucky in everything: he has a beautiful wife, even more beautiful mistress, wonderful house surrounded by a breathtaking garden… However, politics is such a sphere where you can be way too huge a meal for clan, but couldn’t feed one man!

Director: David Andguladze
Set and Costume Designer: Eka Magalashvili
Assistant to Director: Giorgi Trapaidze
Musical Arrangement: David Andguladze

T H E  C A S T:
Andro – Tornike Babukhadia
Dodo, Wife to Andro – Mariam Amashukeli
David, Father to Andro / French Chevalier – Tornike Chekurishvili
Baadur – Kakha Losaberidze
Deli – Khatia Brachuli
Bodyguard / French Dressmaker – Mirian Gotsiridze
Assasin – Natia Ibishvili

Music by Edith Piaf, Trilok Gurtu and Kitaro are used in the performance

Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes
First Performance: 16 February 2014

The Performance is dedicated to the memory of Otar Chiladze