César and Drana

Isabelle Doré, Director: Rusudan Kobiashvili
In 1 Act

Endless road, a wagon is pulled by an old horse Cesar. All belongings of a simple gypsy woman are loaded on this wagon. Drana retells a story of her life as if to her horse… one ordinary, undistinguished story of war and persecution that is holding in itself an entire tragedy of the whole nation.

Translated from French by Kethy Kvantaliani
Director: Rusudan Kobiashvili
Set and Costume Design: Tamar Kobiashvili
Music: Maya Gogsadze
Technical Director: Maka Metreveli

T H E  C A S T:
Lili Khuriti

Duration of the Performance – 1 hours 10 minutes without intermission
First Performance – 16 April 2015
All rights reserved
The performance was created through the financial assistance of Tbilisi Center of Cultural Events