“Chekhov. Rehearsal” Touring in Belgium


On March 14 Iliauni Theatre will leave to Liege Belgium to perform “Chekhov. Rehearsal”. The Theatre will play on March 16 at 15:00 in Liege Royal University Theatre.

Liege Royal University Theatre was founded in 1941 and has been hosting many theatre companies from around the world wince 1983: theatres from over 30 countries have presented over 150 performances on its stage and this year Iliauni Tehatre will join this list.

Together with Iliauni Theatre, companies from Finland, Costa Rica, Argentina, Columbia, France and Estonia will participate in 35th edition of International Festival of University Theatres that Liege is hosting.

The premeire of “Chekhov, Rehearsal” was played in 2016 in Limoges France at the International Festival of Theatre Schools.

For more information about the theatre please follow the link

The Theatre will return to Tbilisi on March 19.