11/8/2016 - “Metamorphosis” – Performance by Ilia State University 3rd Year Student

On November 8 at 18:00 Ilia State University Theatre Arts Program 3rd year student will present his course work “Metamorphsis”

Four scenes created according to Ovid’s “Metamorphosis” tells the story of an turn point events of one person’s life. Problems of the Georgia of the 90ies, famine, unemployment and lost childhood on one hand and struggle for political power on the other hand are accumulated around one person who faces a choice: everything or nothing. 

Director – Saba Aslamazishvili

The Cast:
Ilia State University Students:
Saba Alasamazishvili
Luka Akhaladze
Paata Babluani
Givi Baratashvili
Elene Garuchava
Konstantine Ejibashvili
Jano Valishvili
Vladimer Vashakidze
Giorgi Makadze
Saba Ppkhadze
And invited actor Tornike Kakulia