Charley's Aunt
Brandon Thomas, Director Kakha Gogidze

Comedy in 1 Act


Comedy full of absurdity and intricate storyline, where young men knit a web of thousand lies for their loved ones, where a young man can suddenly turn into Donna Rosa, where the young man dressed as Donna Rosa can charm a colonel, who, in turn, can receive a visit from his first love, Donna Rosa, who is an aunt to the friend of the Colonel’s son, the aunt, whose dress is on the friend of his son who, in turn, is helping his friends to reunite with their loved ones.


Director: Kakha Gogidze

Set Design: Anuka Murvanidze

Costumes Design: Tsitsi Tsitskhvaia

Musical Arrangement: Arsen Migriauli

Choreographer: Sophie Gvritishvili

Technical Director: Pavle Inasaridze

The Cast:
Colonel Francis Chesney - Zuka Gabunia
Jackie Chesney, his son - George Shavgulidze
Charley Wykehem - David Davituliani
Babbs Babberley - Andrea Vachridze
Criggs, Judge - David Velijanashvili
Anie, his niece - Natia Kvashali, Mariam Nadiradze
Betty, his ward - Marita Janashia
Donna Rosa d'Alvadorez, Charley's Aunt - Maka Shalikashvili
Ela Delahey, her ward - Anie Talakvadze
Brassett, valet - Nikusha Gogidze


Performance was staged through financial support of Tbilisi Centre of Cultural Events

Duration of the Performance 90 minutes without intermission

First Performance - 22 May, 2016