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The Miser and the Magic Hat
Giorgi Eristavi, Director Maia Chartolani

Vaudeville in 2 Acts


In the 19th century Tbilisi it is thus: the kind and the generous always wins against teh miser and the mean; the amusing and the witty makes fun of the reserved and the jealous, the lovers always do it their way and everything ends happily. However, happy end is nothing compaired to the tricks and the qui-pro-quo, that overwhelms the characters and the audience. 


Karapeta, Ivanika, Martiruza... So well known to the audience, the characters of Giorgi Eristavi's comedy go from one play to the other to tell the story of two famous vaudeville's in one performance.

Director: Maia Chartolani

Set Designer: Sophie Koridze
Choreographer: Tsisia Cholokashvili
Composer: Nino Janjgava
Technical Director: Pavle Inasaridze



The Cast:

Karapeta Dabarov - Nino Lejava
Khampera; Tamar, Wife to Martiruza- Anno Mgebrishvili
Archil, the Prince Gazneli; Svimon; Arab - Tsotne Saginadze
Kikoli - Nika Kvantaliani
Monavardisa, Maid to Khampera; Tatar - Keti Chichua
Martiruza - Kakha Gogidze
Ivane - Temo Kvaratskhelia


Performance was staged through financial support of Tbilisi Centre of Cultural Events

Duration of the Performance 120 minutes including intermisssion

First Performance - 8 December, 2016