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God of Carnage
Yasmina Reza, Director David Chabashvili

Black Comedy in 1 Act


What can happen when parents of two teenage boys meet to discuss the misbehavior of their children? Nothing special, you would say, they will meet, take coffee, or tea, or alcohol and have a civilized, soothing conversation about how new generation develops, about how times change and about how they were different from their children, right? Right, this is how Yasmina Reza's play “God of Carnage” starts off, however… Well, honestly, boys will be boys always and everywhere, leaving it practically impossible to predict the whole spectrum of their parents’ demeanor.
Translation: Kethy Kvantaliani
Director: David Chabashvili
Technical Director: Maka Metreveli
T H E    C A S T:
First Performance - 7 February 2014
All rights reserved
The performance was staged with the financial assistance of Tbilisi Centre of Cultural Events