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The Truth
Florian Zeller, Director Nino Burduli

Tragicomedy in 1 Act


"A lie is a vice only when it causes harm; it is a virtue when it carries benefit. Therefore, be more virtuous than ever. You should deceive as a devil, not timidly, but boldly, not once but always. Tell lies, my friends, and I will repay you when the occasion arises. 



Translation: Shorena Tsitsagi
Directed by: Nino Burduli
Set and Costume Deisign: Nutsa Chkonia, Shota Bagalishvili
Choreography: Tiko Koiava
Technical Director: Elene Gabisonia


The Cast:
Michel - Jano Izoria
Alice - Anna Nikolashvili
Lorance - Anna Matuashvili
Paul - Bacho Chachibaia
Musicians - Luka Akhaladze, Elene Dabrundashvili, Giviko Baratashvili


Performance was staged through financial support of Tbilicy Mayor's Office


Special Thanks to:
Hotel "Ambassadori"
Jo Ann Medical Centre
Alexandre Metreveli Tennis Complex "Mziuri"
Cafe-Restaurant "Factory 27”
Klara Skhvitaridze
Ilia State Univercity Department of Public Relations and Media Centre


Duration of the performance 80 minutes without intermission
First performance - 15 December 2017