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An Enemy of the People
Henrik Ibsen, Director Saba Aslamazishvili

Drama in 1 Act


Diploma Work of Ilia State University Theatre Arts Program Student



When truth is equal to freedom


What force does the truth pocess against the majority;
Can the truth of one person overcome the crowed lied by the establishment;
Does it make sense to go against your close ones even if you are sure about the truth

Does it make sense to fight if you are alone?
Or is it better to remain silent and keep your status, wellbeing, respect...


Translation: Bachana Bregvadze
Directed by: Saba Aslamazishvili
Musical Arrangement:  Konstantine Ejebashvili and Lado Vashakidze
Supervisor of the Staging: Ioane (Vano) Khutsishvili


The Cast:

Thomas Stockmann, Medical Doctor -  Andrea Vachridze
Peter Stockmann, Mayor of the Town - Zurab Gabunia
Katherine, Stockmann's Wife - Salome Mikadze
Petra, Stockmann's Daughter - Mariam Kalatozishvili
Morten Kill, Katherine's Father - Lado Vashakidze
Hovstad, Editor of the Newspaper - Luka Akhaladze
Billing, Journalist - Konstantine Ejebashvili
Aslaksen - Jano Valishvili



Duration of the performance 1 Hour and 30 minutes without intermission


First Performance - 21 October 2017