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Jean Anouilh, Director Gaga Goshadze

Tragedy in 1 Act


A 20-year old woman has to make a choice:
Either betray her faith, freedom and live like a law-abiding person;
Or, faithful to her principles, defy the order and sacrifice everything - fiancé, family, life...
Or there may be a completely different solution; maybe you can violate law and live on... if you are a daughter to the king!

What would be our reply to the question asked by Sophocles in Ancient Greece and rephrased by Jean Anouilh in 1943, in occupied France: supremacy of law or personal freedom? Creon or Antigone?


Director:  Gaga Goshadze

Assisting Director: Andrea Vachridze

Set and Costume Designer: Gocha Agashenashvili

Technical Director: Maka Metreveli



The Cast

Antigone - Tamta Navrozashvili

Creon - Gia Roinishvili

Haemon - Bacho Chachibaia

Ismene - Maka Dzagania, Annie Imnadze

Nurse - Tamar Makashvili

Guard - David Velijanashvili

Chorus - Andrea Vachridze


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Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes without intermission


First Performance - 14 February 2014

The performance was created through the financial assistance of Tbilisi Center of Cultural Events