Jean Anouilh, Director Otar Egadze, Milene Egiazarova
A Perofmance by Students and Alumni of Ilia State University Theatre Arts Centre
In 2 Acts

A story of Orpheus and Eurydice is one of the oldest legends of love. Euridyce dies instantly after stepping on a venomous snake. She is rescued from the underworld by her beloved Opheus on a condition that he must walk in front of her and not look back until both reach the upper world. He cannot face the temptation and gazes at her… In the play by French playwright Jean Anouilh, Orpheus is a violonist at the train station, Eurydice is a daughter of poor actors. The play is set in the French province of the 40-ies… The rest will be unveiled by the students and alumni of the Theatre Arts program of Ilia State University.

Directors: Otar Egadze, Milene Egiazarova
Designer: Gocha Agashenashvili
Choreography: Sophie Gvritishvili
Musical Arrangement: Helene Nizharadze

The Cast:
Orpheus – Andrea Vachridze and Merab Chkheidze
Father – David Gigolashvili
Mother – Tatia Buadze
Eurydice – Annie Talakvadze and Salome Mikadze
Vincent – Zuka Gabunia
Dulac – Giga Tsertsvadze
Mathias – Lasha Ambidze
Monsieur Henri – Levan Mamniashvili
Girls from the Theatre – Salome Mumladze and Nino Menteshashvili
Waitress – Gvantsa Esartia
Head of Station – Pavle Inasaridze|
Maid – Annie Osepashvili

Duration – 2:20 including intermission
First Performance – 29 December 2012