The Chest of Mysteries

Author and Director: Kakhaber Shartava


Fairy tale for the adults when they were children

In 1 Act

Once upon a time in their bedroom at the countryside Thebé and Mathé found the Chest of Mysteries containing the very essence bringing happiness and prosperity to humankind. But the Chest is locked and the keys are long lost. You have to find the keys, says the Fairy from the Space, and Thebé  and Mathé are transported to other spaces and dimensions where love speaks, Tangerine Tree sings, there is a discount for entry into the City of Smiles and the Fairy land reminds us one very familiar country that needs the keys to the Chest of Mysteries very much.

Author and Director: Kakhaber Shartava
Set and Costume Design: Nutsa Chkonia
Music: Eka Kvaliashvili
Musical Arrangement: Kakhaber Shartava
Choreography: Natia Bunturi
Technical Director: Pavle Inasaridze

The Cast:
Mathé –
 Giorgi Koridze
Thebé – Nutsa Sulaberidze
Fairy from the Space, the Minister for SecurityNanuka Kupatadze
Love, the Chief of Smiles – Giorgi Chachanidze
Grandmother – Darejan Khachidze
City Mayor, Wishing TreeNini Karchava
Governor, Wishing Tree – Sandro Kakhetelidze
Tangerine Tree – Mariam Roinishvili, Tinatin Mosulishvili
Child – Giorgi Shubitidze
Wishing Tree, Guard – Levan Gogokhia
Guard – David Khintibidze
Smiling Girl – Aniko Shurgaia
Space Characters: Levan Gogokhia, Sandro Kakhetelidze, Mariam Mikadze, Marie Makasarashvili, Giorgi Shubitidze, Aniko Shurgaia, David Khintibidze

First Performance – 17 January 2020
Duration – 75 minutes without intermission