One More Premiere


On June 3, 4 and 7 at 20:00 a new performance will be enacted on our Stage. French classical play was assembled by the director Goga Kachibaoa


Three actors – giorgi Shavgulidze, Nini Archaia and Paata Kikvadze – were invited especially from the Tbilis Youth Theatre to participate in thsi new performance along with Giorgi makharadze, David Daviyuliani, Andrea Vachridze, Kakha Gogidze and Maka Shaliaksvili,  The Set designeer of the performance is Levan Chichinadze.

Two boys in love, who fear their fathers wrath, two pretty but poor girls of unknown origin, two wealthy fathers who come back to arrange the marriage of the enamored boys to completely other girls and one servant Scapin who in two seconds spins a whirlpool of intrigues to save the enamored boys, whip the avarice, bring happiness to the Mediterranean city of Naples and yield laughter and merriment from the beholder.

On the stage of our theatre Moliere will once again compete with Italian Commedia dell’Arte and remind the audience that if not for his Scapin, the world theatre would have also had to do without Figaro.

It is a second production by Goga Kachibaia at the stage of Iliauni Theatre,  He staged sarah Kane’s “4:48 Psychosis” in 2012 together with Buba Basishvili, which remained on the stage from two teahtre seasons.  Goga Kachibaia also woriked in Tbilis State Youth Theatre, The Globe Theatre, Royal District Tehatre and the Tehatre Basement on Rustaveli.