Premiere “Dani Caught a Bird”


On January 19 and 21 Iliauni Theatre will present a third premiere this season.

“Dani Caught a Bird” a renewed performance. This show was staged by Maia Chartolani in 2013 in Nodar Dumbadze Youth Theatre of Tbilisi. The actors of the same theatre participated. They will present their work at Iliauni Theatre this time.

This is second work of Maia Chartolani at Iliauni Theatre. She has worked with us in 2016 on a comedy “The Miser and the Invisibility Hat” that has been gather full house for a second year now.

The action takes place in one family where you will here a phrase “this is not a house, this is pure hell” throughout the performance. There are lot of people living in this hell of a house –  grandmother, grandfather, children, grandchildren, who quarrel, argue, fight for survival, come and go, slam the doors. In one word, one misunderstanding is replaced by the other. How can a big family will find a common language? Our Theatre shall offer you a quite funny recipe.

Set design for the performance was created by Kethy Todadze and the Choreography was staged by Anano Samsonadze.