The Impostures of Scapin

Jean-Baptiste Molière, Director: Goga Kachibaia
Comedy in 1 Act

Two boys in love, who fear their fathers wrath, two pretty but poor girls of unknown origin, two wealthy fathers who come back to arrange the marriage of the enamored boys to completely other girls and one servant Scapin who in two seconds spins a whirlpool of intrigues to save the enamored boys, whip the avarice, bring happiness to the Mediterranean city of Naples and yield laughter and merriment from the beholder. On the stage of our theatre Moliere will once again compete with Italian Commedia dell’Arte and remind the audience that if not for his Scapin, the world theatre would have also had to do without Figaro.

Director:  Goga Kachibaia
Set and Costume Design: Levan Chichinadze
Musical Arrangement: Arsen Migriauli
Choreography: Nino Lezhava
Technical Director: Elene Gabisonia

The Cast:
Argante, Father to Octave – Kakha Gogidze
Géronte, Father to Léandre – Paata Kikvadze
Octave, Son to Argante, Lover to Hyacintha – George Shavgulidze
Léandre, Son to Géronte, Lover to Zerbinette – David Davituliani
Hyacintha – Nini Archaia
Zerbinette, believed to be a Gypsy girl – Maka Shalikashvili
Scapin, Servant to Octave – George Makharadze
Silvestre, Servant to Léandre – Andrea Vachridze
Carle – Zuka Gabunia

First Performance – June 3 2015
Duration –
1 hour and 10 minutes without intermission

The performance was created through the financial assistance of Tbilisi Center of Cultural Events