The Roof

Sandro Kakulia, Director: Levan Khvichia
In One Act

What brings together Gigi, Shoti, Eka, Marie, Oto and Koki? Television, where the imaginary is the ruler every day… One joint, one pill, one drop and buddies become closer friends, girlfriends become more charming. This space is the roof of the most attractive world, where problems are scattered and obliterated with the smoke of joints, the taste of pills, the flavor of drops and no one want to descend to reality.

In our theatre, you will become a part of the most illusory world and you too shall try to answer a question: what can one day be caused by one joint, one pill, one drop…

Director: Levan Khvichia
Designer: Shotiko Bagalishvili
Composer: Nika Machaidze
Technical Director: Elene Gabisonia

The Cast:
Gigi – George Mamalashvili
Shoti – David Davituliani
Eka – Ninuka Koiava-Sharashenidze, Masho Melkadze
Marie – Tuta Okropiridze
Koki – Andrea Vachridze
Oto – Zuka Gabunia

The set was created at the Iliauni Theatre workshop

First Performance – 18 December 2015
Duration of the Performance –  
75 minutes without intermission

The performance was created through the financial assistance of Tbilisi Center of Cultural Events