Premiere and Opening of the Season


On October 21 at 20:00 Ilia State University Theatre will open its season with a new performance “The Enemy of the People”.

On October 21, 22 and 27 Iliauni Theatre will present the premiere of Henrik Ibsen’s “The Enemy of the People” which is a senior project of Ilia State University Theatre Arts Program student Saba Aslamazishvili.

Only the students of Ilia State University Theatre Arts Program participate in the performance. They will be supported by the graduates of the same program: Andrea Vachridze, Zurav Gabuania, Salome Mikadze and Marie Kalatozishvili.

When truth is equal to freedom
What force does the truth process against the majority;
Can the truth of one person overcome the crowed lied by the establishment;
Does it make sense to go against your close ones even if you are sure about the truth
Does it make sense to fight if you are alone?
Or is it better to remain silent and keep your status, well being, respect…

It is not the first performance of the young director Saba Aslamazishvili. His show “Metamorphosis” has been on the stage of Iliauni Theatre for a year now.