The Miracle of Saint Antoine

Maurice Maeterlinck, Director: Gaga Goshadze
Farce in 1 Act

Relatives of extremely rich Mademoiselle Hortense have planned the funerals in meticulous details just in the way their social and financial status demands; every aspect of the ritual is premeditated and agreed upon. Everything will be as it should, nothing can interfere, not even if Saint Antoine himself comes down to this sinful world and raises the dead lady! What is human life compared to millions, stained carpets, redecoration of an exquisite house, crayfish in jelly and trout a la Schubert ? If Jesus Christ had come to this restrained and mendacious world would he be crucified again by humanity that demands a miracle but does not believe in one?

Georgian Text: Manana Antadze
Director: Gaga Goshadze
Set and Costume Designers: Shota Bagalishvili, Nutsa Chkonia
Technical Director: Maka Metreveli

The Cast:
Saint Antoine – Ramaz Ioseliani, Bacho Chachibaia
Virginie – Lili Khuriti
Gustave – Andria vachridze
Achille – Paata Kikvadze
The Rector – Tite Komakhidze
The Doctor – David Velijanashvili
Hortense – Rusudan Kobiashvili
Policeman – Zuka Gabunia

Performance was staged through financial support of Tbilisi Centre of Cultural Events
Duration of the Performance – 80 minutes without intermission
First Performance – 29 October, 2016