Games in the Backyard

Edna Mazya, Director: Gvantsa Khvichia


In 1 Act
Final Project of Ilia State University Theatre Art Programme Students

A Fourteen year-old girl trying to catch the attention of sixteen year-old boys, adjusts the image of a grownup lady, drinks alcohol and smokes cigarettes. Slowly boys also accept the proposed terms of the play, that slowly crosses the forbidden borders and ends in the courtroom.
Who is guilty? Is it the girl’s fault or that of the boys? What is that actually  happened? And, finally, are you sure that all these will not happen to your child?
A play, based on true events that took place in Israel in 1988 warns teenagers, their parents, their teachers and each and everyone of us that the same can happen next to us, in a yard of an adjacent house.

Director – Gvantsa Khvichia
Set Designer Teo Kukhianidze
Technical Director – Elene Gabisonia

Oceanvs orientalis – Tarlabasi (Be Svendsen Remix) is used in the performance

T H E  C A S T:
Gidi Betser –
  Levan Gabrava
Asaf Sacharov – Giorgi Tabidze
Sela Borochov – Kote Liparteliani
Shmuel Kooper – Giviko Baratashvili
Dvori Michnes – Nutsi Rizhamadze

Duration – 1 Hour without intermission
First Performance – 23 November 2018