“The Doctor in spite of Himself”, Premiere


On November 3 Iliauni Theatre will open its 11th season with a premiere “the Doctor in spite of Himself”.

The performance “the Doctor in spite of Himself” was staged by Koko Roinishvili according to the play by Molière. A much loved comedy will be enacted by Anka Vasadze, Irakli Chkhikvadze, Annie Imnadze and others.

The play is centered around the drunkard good-for-nothing Sganarelle who the entire world mistakenly believes to be a miraculous doctor  able to treat any disease. “The patients” propose vast sums of money in exchange for a phenomenal medicine, which, of course, does not exist. Sganarelle quickly grows very rich and yet remembers to do a kind deed and cure the most important “illness” – love.

Director Koko Roinishvili used a well known theatrical method much loved by French and Italian comedy – play within a play. The characters of his performance are wondering actors just like Molière and his company at the beginning of their carriers. They find an abandoned theatre by accident, try the costumes they find their and decide to play “The Doctor in spite of Himself”.

This year the World is celebrating 400 years of Molière, as he was born on 15 January 1622. France launched a series of events to commemorate their most distinguished playwright. With this performance Iliauni Theatre would like to symbolically join the celebrations for the honour of the great master of stage and satire.