Brian Friel, Director: Luka Intskirveli
In 2 Acts
Final Project of Ilia State University Theatre Arts Programme Students

1833. A little village of Baile Beag faces important changes: community school where teaching is in Gaelic, Latin and Greek shall soon be replaced by a British school within an english-language system. Army engineers arrive to translate Gaelic toponyms into understandable, refined, received English.

Is a syllable by syllable translation of culture and traditions possible at all? What is the power of language? What is an influence it has on ordinary people? If you cannot tell I love you to a beautiful girl in her own language would you love her less? Is a language enough to make once own brother, neighbour, friend understand the truth…

A dramatic story of Ireland’s “translation” resounds with a special ferocity in a country which passed through thousands of storms for preserving its own language.

Translation – David Gabunia
Director – Luka Intskirveli
Supervisor – Vano Khutsishvili
Set and Costume Designer Teo Kukhianidze
Technical Director – Elene Gabisonia

Music by Ezio Bosso, Sebastian Zawadzki, Jonathan Lee are used in the performance, musical theme of the performance was especially written by Constantine Ejibashvili

T H E  C A S T:
Sarah Mariam Balakhadze, Aniko Shurgaia
Manus – Irakli Kereselidze
Maire -Tinatin Nikolaishvili
Doalty – Luka Akhaladze
Bridget – Lika Barbakadze
Hugh – Giorgi Tsertsvadze
Owen – Giorgi Koridze
Lieutenant George – Giviko Baratashvili
Capitain LanceyGiorgi Makadze

Nominated to 2018 Tsinandali Award

Duration – 1 Hour and 45 minutes including intermission
First Performance – 19 October 2018